Hyde Park Brewing Company

The Brewing Process

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1. We select only the finest British, Belgian and German malts and have them milled to our exact specifications.

2. The milled malt (grist) is then “mashed” in with hot water to specific temperatures that allow enzymes to convert the starches to sugars. This sugar liquor is called “wort”.

3. The wort is recirculated through the grain bed until it runs clear and then lautered into the boiling vessel.

4. The wort is boiled for 90 minutes. During the boil, the hops are introduced to add bitterness, flavor and aroma.

5. When the boil is complete, the wort is whirlpooled to remove any unfermentable material. After a short rest, the hot wort is pumped through a heat exchanger reducing the temperature from over 200 degrees F to 70 degrees F. The wort is then pumped into the fermentation tank.

6. Fermentation begins as live yeast cultures are introduced (pitched) into the wort. The yeast metabolizes the sugars in the wort which produces carbon dioxide and alcohol.

7. Once fermented, the beer is filtered and pumped into storage tanks. All of our handcrafted beers are served to you at the peak of freshness. Cool. Fresh. Tasty.