Hyde Park Brewing Company

Our Brewmaster

Aaron Maas, Brewmaster

Aaron J. Maas is Head Brewer at Hyde Park Brewing Co., where he melds traditional brewing styles with his own unique twist. Aaron’s culinary experience becomes evident in the subtle flavors that he is able to coax from his ingredients, including fresh, local honey.

While attending college at Cobleskill, Aaron took a job at a local vineyard. While not a fan of the wine itself, he enjoyed the winemaking process. From there, he bought a basic 5 gallon home brewing kit and quickly immersed himself in all aspects of the art and science of brewing. The starter brew kit would periodically get upgraded until eventually expanding into a massive “home brew” system capable of brewing 50-60 gallons per week. Aaron jokingly refers to it as his personal “Research & Development” brewery.

After entering a few contests, Aaron earned an internship at Dutch Ale House in Saugerties, NY before attending the Seibel Institute of Technology in Chicago to focus on brewing. Upon graduation, Aaron worked as Assistant Brewer at Hudson Brewing Company in Hudson, NY before transitioning to the position of Head Brewer here at Hyde Park Brewing Company.   

Aaron is a fan of science fiction, comic books and all things craft beer. He has two dogs, Chewbacca, an English Bulldog and Sammy, a Golden Retriever.