Hyde Park Brewing Company

On Tap

Big Easy Blonde
A Munich style Helles that is light in body and color and brewed to low gravity. 
A session beer that is crisp and refreshing.

ABV 4.5%    SRM 2.0    IBU 18.2    calories per 12oz. 150

Winkle Lager
A Bohemian style beer with a smoother palate fullness than the average pils. A beautiful balance of noble hops 
and pils malt.

ABV 5.0%    SRM 3.5    IBU 41.6    calories per 12oz. 174

Rough Rider Red Lager
Munich and Belgian malts combine to give this beer its robust and beautiful color.

 ABV 5.2%    SRM 9.3   IBU 21    calories per 12oz. 150

Barrel 9 – Oktoberfest

This is where the Brewmaster gets to play a bit. Barrel 9 changes from time to time for seasonality and attitude.

Our classic Oktoberfest is brewed using only German malt and hops. This beer is full bodied and has copper color. It has notes of toasted bread and caramel from the kettle. 

ABV 5.5%  •  SRM  7.2  •  IBU 20  calories per 12oz. 165   

New York Collaboration Project – Cream Ale

In Collaboration with Culinary Institute of America, we brewed a classic Cream Ale using only the finest ingredients sourced entirely from New York State. The Hops came from Kinderhook Creek and Malt from 1886 out of Syracuse. This beer is very easy to drink and light. Slightly hazy with a straw gold color.  

Abv. 4.9%    SRM 3.4    IBU 21    calories per 12oz. 194


Mary P's Porter logo

Mary P’s Porter

We used over six different malts to brew Mary P’s Porter. The mix of malt gives this ale a unique color and complex flavor. It has a robust, yet mild chocolate flavor and a biscuit characteristic with a creamy finish.

ABV 6%  •  SRM 38


This IPA was brewed using only “South African” hops. Using a combination of three hops, this beer is light and and easy to drink. There are subtle notes of citrus pith and pine that leave a lingering flavor.

ABV 6.5%    SRM 3.6    IBU 69

Pumpkin Wheat

A light wheat beer brewed with pumpkin and spice. We used pumpkin in three different steps of the process to maximize flavor. This beer is a fun treat for fall!

ABV 5.2%    SRM 4.5    IBU 18