Hyde Park Brewing Company

On Tap

Big Easy Blonde
A Munich style Helles that is light in body and color and brewed to low gravity. 
A session beer that is crisp and refreshing.

ABV 4.5%    SRM 2.0    IBU 18.2    calories per 12oz. 150

Winkle Lager
A Bohemian style beer with a smoother palate fullness than the average pils. A beautiful balance of noble hops 
and pils malt.

ABV 5.0%    SRM 3.5    IBU 41.6    calories per 12oz. 174

Rough Rider Red Lager
Munich and Belgian malts combine to give this beer its robust and beautiful color.

 ABV 5.2%    SRM 9.3   IBU 21    calories per 12oz. 150

Barrel 9

This is where the Brewmaster gets to play a bit. Barrel 9 changes from time to time for seasonality and attitude.  

River Road Brown Ale logo River Road Brown Ale

An American Ale brewed with a complex blend of 6 malts. A light beer layered with flavors of toffee and roasted nuts.  

Abv. 6%    SRM 24    IBU 31.8


Sasquatch Black Eye P. A.

Black IPA is unfiltered, naturally carbonated, and dry hopped. Light body with a roasty, chocolate flavor and a hoppy pine finish. It’s a bold, relentless beer wth huge character.

ABV 5%    SRM 3.5   IBU 88

Chewies Citrus Bliss IPA

Bright Citrus grapefruit flavor
with hints of lime.

Abv. 5.25% • SRM 4.4 • IBU 70 • calories per 12oz. 190


Hefe-Rye-Zen (Roggenbier style)

A Roggenbier is an old German style which is brew and fermented very similar to a hefeweizen, with a lot of the same yeast characteristics such as banana and clove. Except it is a little more malty and instead of wheat, rye is used, giving some spiciness to the brew. Our brewer teamed up with his old friend from Accomplice Brewing Co. in Wyoming to make a throw back of a beer they used to make many years ago when they were still home brewing together.

ABV 6.5% • SRM 9.5 • IBU 24 • calories per 12oz. 170