Hyde Park Brewing Company

On Tap

Big Easy Blonde

A Munich style Helles that is light in body and color and brewed to low gravity. 
A session beer that is crisp and refreshing.

ABV 4.5%    SRM 2.0    IBU 18.2    calories per 12oz. 150

Winkle Lager

A Bohemian style beer with a smoother palate fullness than the average pils. A beautiful balance of noble hops 
and pils malt.

ABV 5.0%    SRM 3.5    IBU 41.6    calories per 12oz. 174

Rough Rider Red Lager

Munich and Belgian malts combine to give this beer its robust and beautiful color.

 ABV 5.2%    SRM 9.3   IBU 21    calories per 12oz. 150

Barrel 9 – Raspberry Wheat

This unfiltered Wheat Ale infused with raspberry, pours hazy and pink with a foamy white head. The body and carbonation are both light, which is reflected by the taste and aroma. The flavor matching the aroma starts with a biscuit and bread characteristic followed by a tart subtle raspberry taste. 

ABV 4.9%    SRM Before raspberry 3.5    IBU 17.3  
Chaos Lucky Dry Stout

is a dry Irish stout. This ale pours very dark, but has a red hue when held to the light. There is a cream colored head that dissipates within minutes, leaving a white ring clinging around the edge of the glass. This is a medium to light bodied stout with a mild carbonation. The aroma is faintly sweet with a hint of roasted malts and chocolate. The taste follows the nose with a dry bakers chocolate and subtle flavors of molasses, brown sugar, and coffee.

ABC 5.7%    SRM 26.1    IBU 20.4    calories per 12oz. 150

New York Collaboration Project –Vienna Lager
Our Vienna Lager is brewed in collaboration with Justin Sturges, Head Brewer from our Sister Brewery, Rip Van Winkle and New York’s Hudson Valley. This unfiltered beer pours out with an apple juice like color and a small white head that quickly dissipates. There is a pleasant smell of malt, toast, and floral hops. The flavor reflects the aroma. The beer has a slightly sweet taste perfectly balanced between a nutty and strong biscuit flavor. We used the freshest ingredients possible for this Vienna Lager. The grain was grown in Red Hook @ Migliorelli’s Farm owned and operated by Ken Migiorelli. The grain we used was malted at Hudson Valley Malt House, Owned and Operated by Dennis Nesel from Germantown, who rightfully named the malt, Mr. Toast Man. We also used wonderful hops grown by Kinderhook Creek Hop Yards to really bring this beer together. 

Abv. 6.4%  SRM 12    IBU 30     calories per 12oz. 194

Chewie’s Pomelo IPA  
This IPA pours into a glass with a yellow straw color. Packed with a strong pomelo and pine needle flavor. Brewed and dry hopped with cascade, centennial and chinook. Infused with a subtle malt characteristic to highlight the hop flavor and aromas.

ABV 5.5%    SRM 3    IBU 71.7    calories per 12oz. 150

Chewie’s Day Off  
This unfiltered New England IPA was brewed & dry hopped using only Strata hops.  Chewies Day Off  pours hazy and straw golden followed by a lacey white head.  There are tons of wonderful aromas that emits from the glass. This beer taste a lot like how the aroma smells. There is a hint of resinous pine needles, followed by intense notes of sweet and dank tropical flavors.

ABV 6.5%    SRM 2.4    IBU 70.7    calories per 12oz. 165


A stronger Munich style Helles beer. Light in color easy to drink with a high gravity “big” beer that is slightly sweet, crisp and refreshing.

ABV 7.5%    SRM 4.5    IBU 20.2    calories per 12oz. 140