Hyde Park Brewing Company

On Tap

Big Easy Blonde

A Munich style Helles that is light in body and color and brewed to low gravity. 
A session beer that is crisp and refreshing.

Abv. 4.5% srm 2.0 ibu 18.2 calories per 12oz. 150

Winkle Lager

A Bohemian style beer with a smoother palate fullness than the average pils. A beautiful balance of noble hops 
and pils malt.

Abv. 5.0% srm 3.5 ibu 41.6 calories per 12oz. 174

Rough Rider Red Lager

Munich and Belgian malts combine to give this beer its robust and beautiful color.

 Abv. 5.2% srm 9.3 ibu 21 calories per 12oz. 150

Barrel 9 – Winter Wit now on tap! 

Our brewer take on a traditional Belgian Wit beer, also known as a Belgian White. Brewed to be naturally cloudy from using a substantial amount of wheat. This Ale pours slightly hazy with a light golden color at 4.8% Abv. We added coriander, sweet orange peel, and a hint of chamomile for a light pleasant flavor. This beer is smooth and refreshing to the finish.

Abv. 4.8% srm 3.5  ibu 19.2 calories per 12oz. 160  
Nitro Cocoa Stout

Our new nitro chocolate oatmeal stout. Using Nitro this beer pours dark and creamy with an off colored head as it cascades up the glass. The aroma comes off as a rich roasted chocolate bar.  Aged on Cocoa nibs this beer has flavor notes of dry dark chocolate and espresso.

Abv. 5.5% srm 68 ibu 21 calories per 12oz. 150

Tree Knocker Imperial IPA
Part of the Sasquatch Series, Our new Imperial IPA brewed using mostly Loral hops with a hint of Motueka hops all late and dry hop additions. This is an unfiltered cloudy Ale with a foamy white head and light orange color. A medium bodied IPA with a mild carbonation. The aroma leaves you with a soft citrus scent; the beer has a gentle flavor of lemon, and lime with a floral lingering taste from the hops. 

Abv. 7%  srm 4.5    ibu 78.7     calories per 12oz. 205

Chewie’s Choice IPA
Our new IPA using Falconers Flight, and Cascade hops.  Additionally we added Mosaic hop extract to create a unique taste in this beer. Using the complex flavor of hops and hop oil we were able to create a juicy brew. This ale pours straw gold and unfiltered. With a white head and an aroma of citrus this beer is loaded with flavor. The taste starts with a subtle hint of citrus and grapefruit that slowly transforms into a dank resinous residual mouth feel that is dry in the finish, medium bodied and mildly carbonated.

Abv. 5.9% srm 3.9 ibu 60.1 calories per 12oz. 160

Good Day Honey Brown 
Our take on a classic brown ale using local honey from “ Good Day Honey”.  This Ale is unfiltered and pours with a light hazel color and a mild head. The aroma has notes of clove from the honey and toffee. Full bodied and sweet, with flavor of caramel, honey, clove, and biscuits.

Abv. 5.25% srm 68 ibu 21.calories per 12oz. 150