Hyde Park Brewing Company

On Tap


Big Easy Blonde

A light lager brewed with Bavarian noble hops. Light, crisp, and refreshing.


Winkle Lager

A Bohemian style Pilsner with a smoother palate than the average Pils. Generously hopped, very crisp, and clean with a dry finish.


Rough Rider Red Lager

Munich and Belgian malts combine to give this beer it’s beautiful color and  malty flavor. A well balanced, sturdy beer.


Barrel 9

This is where the Brewmaster gets to play a bit. Barrel 9 changes from time to time for seasonality and attitude.

The ORIGINAL El Jefe Hefeweizen Now on tap! Accept no substitutes!



Chaos Dry Stout

Creamy and smooth with a slight espresso like roast. A style usually found in Ireland but made right here for you every Spring!


Von Schtupp’s Black Lager

Despite it’s “black as pitch” appearance, this Schwarzbier is extremely light bodied, crisp and dry with a subtle roasted malt character. Now on tap.


Mary P’s Porter

Six different malts give this beer it’s deep almost black color. Subtle and complex flavor profile of mild chocolate and roasted malt.